When I entered a game into Brackey's Game Jam 2021 (Shapeless), I found I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to complete a game within the confines of the Jam.  What better way to up the ante than to try to make one game for two Jams? So, I did that! Entered into the Great Spring Game Jam: 2021 and Mundane Jam. I present to you; A Mundane Spring! 

It is one part puzzle game, while inspired by Mastermind it turned out to be more of a memorization thing. And one part old arcade-style game, by pulling weeds, watering flowers, and digging up rocks. Can you plant and maintain the garden? The controls are simple, point and click. Click the soil you want to plant in, then click seeds to choose the planting order. Once the main loop begins, start clicking on weeds to pull them up, but don't forget to watch the Hydration Meter on the left side! Click the water can on the right to fill it back up. 

Thanks for playing!

Development log


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Unfortunately I got an error trying to play your game. I don't know if you can fix this but here is the screenshot:

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Hmm, did you try running it more than once and get the same error? Have you ever encountered this error before with a Unity based browser game? Did it start the game at all or did the error occur before it loaded up?

Another nice simple game! I would advise for your next game adding in a "How to Play" section somewhere, or even a tutorial, since not all your players are going to read the description right away and will probably have no clue what they are supposed to do.

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Thank you, I will try to keep that in mind.